Sunday, August 28, 2016

PentesterUniversity Updates!

Hey Everyone,

So I wanted to give everyone an update on our online school dubbed "PentesterUniversity" ™, which you can see HERE. I'm so excited! That being said, I've been working on creating course content and building my new Foldable desk area. I wanted to share some pictures with everyone so you can see what the work area looks like right now.

Here is the desk folded down for work. You can see my laptop, and of course my brand new Blue Yeti microphone with windscreen! Yes, I know the laptop is missing a mouse button lol.

A better shot from the distance. I plan to add storage hooks above the desk for my laptop, and a pocket for my charger, wires, etc. Also, the microphone will be going on a foldable mic stand that will be attached to the wall on the right.

Underneath. I used a 1x6 header that I screwed to the studs in the wall. Then a piano hinge for the hinging, and I custom made legs that went on foldable locking leg brackets I got from Amazon. The desk material is 3/4 Mellamine.

Here is the desk with the legs folded in, and the desk folded down. Frees up tons of floor space this way.

So, I'm finally going to have a comfortable space to work from, so I can create more awesome content for the school.

Now, the big question is; How much is the school going to cost? Here's what I am thinking, and please, I welcome your feedback. I'm going to do two pricing models that I think will suit most users.

We are going to have a lot of courses. Network Security Beginner-Advanced, Linux classes, Networking Classes, Web Pentest classes, WiFi Pentest classes, etc.

Monthly Subscription:

For everyone who signs up for a free registration from now until I release the first class will only pay $49.99 per month, and after release anyone who signs up will pay $59.99 per month. You can take as many classes as you want, and take as long as you want to complete them.

Per Class:

Each class will vary in a flat fee price from $99-$299+. You will be able to study at your own pace, and take as long as you need to complete it. Price stays the same.

Also, we are going to have quizzes, private student forums where you can contact me and others directly, email support with me, and much more! I wanted to be fair on the pricing because I want to be able to teach anyone, no matter their budgets. This is a rapidly growing industry, and we are in very high demand, which means we command a very high salary for our skill.

So, now that I'm all set up, please feel free to send me any feedback in the comments section below and of course sign up for an account at PentesterUniversity ™  so you can get that special discount for pre-registration!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

NetSecNow University!

Hey Guys,

I'm very excited to announce the very first stages of FINALLY opening our online school, dubbed "Pentester University". I've struggled over the last almost year trying to find a suitable platform to host and manage the Online School. Until now!

If you recall about a year ago I sent out a poll to see if any of our user base would be interested in attending our classes, and I was shocked to see the overwhelming support for it!

I've settled on a platform that I feel is very much inline with the schools needs. Focusing on security, ease of use, ease of management, and deployment.

Classes will range in price ($20-$60) per class, or subscription. I'm still debating on what pricing model to use, but I'm more concerned right now with creating content.

Our classes online will very much differ from our Youtube Channel (NetSecNow), in that it will be much more organized, streamlined, and detailed. But you can count on the same style of teaching you've all come to appreciate, and the same level of care, and professionalism with an easy to understand teaching method.

In addition to our Penetration Testing Classes, we will create other classes that students can enroll in, such as Linux Fundamentals, Web Pentesting, Networking Fundamentals, and much more.

The Link (for now) will be HERE, and you can certainly sign up for FREE Account right now. Everyone who signs up for a free account now will get a special discount coupon for the classes!

Once interest grows, and students become active and once content is published, we will be migrating to be the schools flagship domain.

I'm thinking about running a special, or presale for anyone who follows this blog, so if you are interested please comment below.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hard Drive Crash

Hey Everyone,

So if you've been following along on Twitter, you'd have had a good laugh at my expense today. Last night the HDD crashed on the trusty laptop.

I tried everything, fsck, etc. Nothing. Bad sectors, probably physical damage! But, I finally had enough of these physical hard drives always eventually breaking, and finally broke down and bought a SSD for the laptop. This Computer flys now!

So, that being said, I had to re-download Kali Linux, and being that my main laptop just died, and no external CD/DVD writers around for the tablets/smart phones, I broke out a very old, highly abused windows XP laptop I found laying around. It only had a CD burner, but I wanted the full ISO of Kali. So, that won't fit on a CD.

Plan B: I had to download the large ISO over WiFi. No big deal, but now I remember why I tossed that WinXP Laptop into the back of the closet. The wifi card randomly kills the signal, and of course the ancient hardware. So imagine downloading 2.8GB of an iso, over a spotty wifi and only 512MB Ram!

Finally got it downloaded, and made a bootable USB jump drive, then installed to this Laptop from that!

Happy Friday


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Stickers Are In!!

Hey Guys,

If you guys have been following the blog and twitter, you would have saw that I created some very Unique Stickers for you to put on your tablets, laptops, cars, etc. Well they are finally in, and I shipped the first batch to those who pre-ordered them on the blog last week!

The rest are now in my physical possession, and I will ship them out immediately upon payment! So get yours HERE, and share it with your like minded friends, colleagues, or who ever!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hey guys,

I'm proud to announce that I finally got some cool stickers made and ordered! These are very unique in that only like minded people, people like us, will be able to understand what it means! Show your solidarity, confuse the heck out of the general public, but be a beacon for those who are the same as you!

Check it out HERE Only 22 left, so order yours today before we run out!

In other news, I'm gearing up for the production of our very own unique online training school, so stay tuned for that!

I appreciate everyones continued support!

Keep sharing and learning!